White, white Christmas: Biobel Stain Remover


Christmas 2020 is going to be somewhat out of the ordinary, that is a fact! Making it a happy Christmas is fundamental. Although we will be short on hugs and kisses this year, and our Christmas dinners and lunches will be limited to a small circle of family and friends, this does not mean we cannot enjoy them.

Indeed, this year we must enjoy ourselves more than ever!

Having to wear a face mask does not mean we cannot dress up in our best clothes and make ourselves up for the occasion. Keeping a safe distance should not stop us from organizing Christmas lunches and dinners, albeit held in “petit comité”.

So, get your menu ready, lay the table with your best tablecloth and have fun with all the family, oh, and the food stains… leave that to us!

The top 3 Christmas stains

Even though there are numerous stains that can turn up after a fun Christmastime banquet, here we are going to give you some tips to put an end to three of the most important ones.


Are you one for getting your clothes dirty when peeling prawns?


If you stain your clothes with the grease from prawns, do not panic! The key thing to do is act as quickly as possible. So, get some kitchen paper and press it down on the stain. That way you will manage to absorb any excess grease from the fabric.

Then, take off the garment and cover the stain with talcum powder, or salt, and leave it for a few minutes while it absorbs even more of the grease.

Once you have done this, remove the talcum powder, and apply  Biobel Stain Remover dire cdirectly onto the stain and rub it with a soft brush. Once applied, do not let Biobel Stain Remover dry for long. Instead, put the garment in the washing machine straight away and wash it with your usual ecological detergent. It will come out looking like new.

If it is a delicate fabric, we recommend you test Biobel Stain Remover somewhere hard to see on the garment, or, use one of Biobel’s bars of Coconut Soap.


Do you have the gift of spilling glasses of wine?

You are not alone! It has happened to us all; in a moment of euphoria during a dinner we have ended up spilling wine on to the tablecloth. So, don’t worry, because there is a solution.

The first thing that needs to be done is to soak up the wine with a cloth or kitchen paper. If you want to remove as much of the dampness as possible, you can sprinkle table salt over the stain. However, do not leave it long as all that will happen is that the fabric will be stained more deeply.

The best thing to do is to take action as soon as possible, but, needless to say, in the middle of a Christmas dinner or lunch, this is not always possible. This means you have to deal with the stain once it’s dry.

If the tablecloth is hand painted, or a delicate fabric, the best thing to do is to gently rub the stain with a bar of Biobel Coconut soap  until it has removed all traces of the wine on the cloth. You can use a soft brush to help; use circular movements to help create plenty of soapy lather. Then wash the tablecloth in the washing machine, or by hand using a detergent for delicate fabrics such as Biobel Liquid Detergent or else Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics.

If you have been through this experience in the past, and your tablecloth has been put to the test on past occasions, give it a Biobel Oxygen Whitener pretreatment and finish off the wash cycle using your usual ecological detergent.

The sodium percarbonate naturally gives white fabrics a more luminous whiteness, and it is just as effective as a stain remover for heavily soiled coloured garments, as it does not bleach them, instead it swiftly softens the dirt and enhances the effect of your detergent


Do you give Christmas kisses to napkins?

One of the main headaches we face every Christmas is how to get rid of those annoying lipstick stains on cloth napkins, but it’s just… we can’t resist a deep lipstick red!

So, don’t worry, this Christmas we have the solution.

All you have to do to put an end to this type of stain is add two tablespoons of Biobel Oxygen Whitener  per litre of hot of warm water and leave the napkins to soak for a few hours. Then, wash them in the washing machine with an extra spoonful of Oxygen Whitener along with your usual ecological detergent to enhance its effectiveness.

Aside from putting pay to stains on coloured or black napkins, it will naturally give your white napkins a more luminous white without using bleach.

Biobel Oxygen Whitener, also disinfects! It is an impressive antiseptic, disinfectant and 100% natural bactericide, guarantees effective disinfection and puts an end to the micro-organisms found in fabrics.

trio quitamanchas

This Christmas, only fun is allowed! Just leave the stains to the Biobel stain remover trio.