Recyclable and reusable packaging

Responsible packaging is a major concern in today’s world and at Jabones Beltrán it is a key priority; we ensure we are constantly up to date on all the latest developments and advances. As things stand today, it is neither economically nor logistically realistic, nor viable to package cleaning products in materials other than plastic, such as glass, for example. Here in Spain, it is still early days to consider using bioplastics, above all for the bulky packaging required for cleaning products.

Recycled plastic is hard to obtain in Spain due to the limited extent and poor management of recycling here. In Central Europe there is a much greater availability of recycled packaging, but it is neither environmentally nor logistically viable to transport empty packaging from abroad.

To address this situation, ever since we launched our Biobel brand, and now more than ever, our efforts are focused on responsible packaging: using packaging that is 100% recyclable and reusable. Reusing and recycling is the best way to make a responsible use of plastic packaging and it is a real possibility for all consumers.

We are committed to the responsible use of our products and packaging, and as a company we adhere to and build on the three Rs:



We have reduced the amount of plastic in all our packaging. We replace it whenever possible, or else reduce it down to the last gram.


All our bottles are 100% reusable and designed for long-term use. To make the most of this all our liquid products are available for sale in a bag-in-box format so that customers can refill and reuse our bottles, and the result: 0 waste


All our packaging is 100% recyclable. We have also taken measures to ensure that when recycled our packaging produces optimum quality recycled plastic that can be used for the manufacture of new packaging (something that is rarely done at present). To achieve this, our labels now form part of the plastic bottles and they are affixed with hydro-soluble adhesive, and we only use white and transparent bottles and tops which are easier to recycle.