Centennial company

We are a family business based in Castellón, where we have made traditional soap since 1921.

We create natural handcrafted soap using our one-hundred-year-old family recipe. Today we continue to specialize in making soap; combining tradition and innovation in all our formulas we produce soaps of the highest quality and maximum sustainability.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to addressing sustainability at every level, both with the environment and the society we are a part of. Our approach is to manufacture ecological products that respect the environment and people’s health. Therefore we have our products certified by entities that guarantee their sustainability.

We collaborate with a number of local and international associations and NGOS, and we regularly donate soaps to their hygiene programmes. As a business we ensure that the resources we use and the products we manufacture are as ethically and responsibly sourced as possible. See our Annual Social Action Report.

Our company’s values and commitment are published in our Ethical Code of Practice, which is he roadmap for our business activity. Jabones Beltrán’s Ethical Code of Practice.

Our quality management

One means to achieve our aims has been obtaining the ISO 9001 quality certificate. This certification ensures the continuity of all our innovation strategies, customer relations and sustainability actions, while maintaining our artisanal and sustainable manufacturing processes.

The aim of this certificate is to assist our company in its compliance with the legal requirements and regulations related to our products, as well as guide us on the path to excellence in terms of customer services and logistics .

Our History

Jabones Beltrán sis a family company that was founded in 1921 in Castellón. We manufacture traditional soap for washing machines and cosmetic products.

With a century of experience, we have maintained the essence of our company and a great many of our traditional manufacturing processes: using a cold and constantly stirred saponification process we produce handcrafted soap that is then cut into bars with stainless steel wire. We adhere to high quality, rigorous manufacturing process and standards, and our production output is growing by the year.

We specialize in the development and manufacture of ecologically certified soaps, while maintaining a constant focus on addressing social and environmental concerns. Furthermore, our R+D department is continually exploring how to implement quality and eco-innovation improvements across our product range through a combination of tradition and innovation. The result is a range of high quality effective, sustainable and healthy soaps.

Currently we have developed a line of research on our origins that has been reflected in the book Historia del jabón. 100 años de Jabones Beltrán, by Ramón A. Feenstra. Do you want to download an excerpt? Visit their official website.

If you want to know more about us, don’t miss the most important milestones that we have captured in our chronology and in our centenary commemorative page.

Our Brands

We produce ecological soaps and cleaning products that care for your clothes and household (Biobel), as well as those affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – MCS (Beltrán Vital). We also produce soaps for the treatment of plants and crops (Castalia Bio Potásico), and ecological cosmetic soaps (Essabó).

Our Team

Everything we do is possible thanks to our team of professionals who work in a range of areas and whose knowledge and research provide the perfect combination of experience + innovation; and, above all, thanks to the constant care and concern we devote to the products we manufacture.

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