Premium high performance sustainable formulas

Biobel stands out for its sustainable and effective cleaning results thanks to its concentrated formulas made with high performance bio ingredients.

Independent laboratories guarantee that Biobel products excel in trials on washing effectiveness, even at low temperatures and give as good or better results as conventional products (EU protocol for testing laundry detergents in accordance with Commission Decision EU 2017/1218).

Our R&D department has managed to develop the Biobel formulas based on 100% natural plant-based ingredients with excellent cleaning powers and without the need to ethoxylate them or resort to synthetic components, thus achieving the highest level of sustainable and effective performance in cleaning formulas.

The high level of sustainability of our cleaning formulas has been demonstrated in biodegradability test results that confirm these products to be 100% environmentally friendly and rapidly biodegradable, well beyond legal guidelines. As evidence of high sustainability of the formulas, the results of biodegradability tests confirm that we are facing a product 100% compatible with the environment and rapidly biodegradable, much more than the law requires. According to the UNE-EN ISO 14593 standard, a product is considered biodegradable when a biodegradability > 60% is achieved in 28 days. Our most concentrated product, the detergent, meets this requirement before the tenth day of testing and ten days before the time proposed by the standard we achieve a biodegradability >99%.

Furthermore, having used Biobel Liquid Detergent, Washing-up Liquid or Household Cleaner the left over used washing water is apt for irrigating plants, which thus favours a circular economy.

In addition, Biobel products do not require graphic health warnings (hazard symbols or risk statements for dangerous ingredients) on their labels, such as can be found on other bio brands.

Nor do we manufacture or sell ecological softeners, which reduces the impact of every wash to the maximum: we stand by what we believe in