Perfumes in cleaning products: are they necessary?

Perfumes en los productos de limpieza

Today we are going to try to resolve one of the doubts that recurs most frequently in the social networks: is it necessary to use perfumes in cleaning products? The answer is not clear-cut, it depends.


The word perfume in a cosmetic or a cleaning product designates a range of ingredients comprising more than 3,000 permitted substances, including some that are suspected of being toxic for reproduction, and mutagenic, teratogenic, carcinogenic…, as well as being endocrine disruptors. Amongst these substances there are also some that are potential allergens, such as a number of essential oils, which we will discuss below.


Unless you know that a product does not use toxic substances, the best choice is to use unperfumed products. However, in the former case, one can use Ecocert certified products, such as our Biobel range.

Why are they certified if they use perfume too?

Because when you certify a product, the perfumes you choose to include must comply with a list accepted by the certifying body in question, whereby the substances that provide a perfume are not allowed to contain toxic ingredients.

The most toxic perfumes are those that include synthetic musk aromas. Synthetic musk is the industrial artificial alternative to using the glands of the musk deer. While the motive behind the development of this synthetic product is sound, it has a major setback: it uses highly toxic ingredientes..

And that is not all. Have you ever bought a perfume or fabric softener and said to yourself, ‘this product smells so good for days at a time’? Well, it is the phthalates that are behind this durability; they are plasticizers, which interfere in our hormonal system and are to be found in cosmetics as well as household cleaning products. In this sense, we would like to highlight the painstaking work undertaken by Greenpeace, who analysed 36 eau-de-Cologne and perfumes made by well-known brands: all of them contained toxic substances.

The same toxic substances found in these perfume products are also concealed under the word ‘parfum’ listed in the ingredients of household cleaning products.

And does Biobel use perfumes?

With Biobel we not only take care of your house with cleaning products that contain no harmful ingredients and are additive free (the truth is that half of the ingredients included in conventional cleaning products make no contribution to your life), but we also ensure that while you clean your house you do not harm your health.

Does it make sense to buy a product that cleans your house and fills your life with toxic substance? We think not.

What is more, for Biobel your house is not only found between the walls of you, but it extends to our community, our seas and rivers, and our forests, and this is why we create biodegradables products and that do cause no harm to nature.

The majority of our cleaning products do not contain added perfumes and those that do are made from natural essential oils, which, besides contributing their aroma, have other functions.

For example, ourhousehold cleaner contains essential oil of citronella, a potent bactericide and natural insect repellent. Thereby, when you clean the floor of your house you will be protecting it from a range of insects.

It is such an effective ingredient, that with a concentration one hundred times lower than the toxic DEET it is far more efficient against the kissing bug. Furthermore, citronella is a known repellent against a range of mosquitoes,  including the tiger mosquito.

With regard to our washing-up liquid it includes essential oil of lemon. Which is a potent degreasing agent. Likewise, it is renowned for its therapeutic anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiparasitic properties amongst others.

Therefore, while we wash the dishes we are not only caring for our tableware, but also applying a degreasing and antimicrobial treatment, what is more it smells wonderful!


Finally, we want to discuss our liquid detergents. With Biobel we consider it unnecessary to add perfumes for the sake of adding them. Therefore, our purest liquid detergent contains no perfume, and it is perfect for babies and all the family.

However, we are also very aware of the potential value of essential oils, and this is why our detergent with natural soap, which is made with natural soap, contains essential oil of lavender. This oil contributes a delicate aroma of lavender without being invasive, while its therapeutic potential turns it into an ally for ensuring you have a more peaceful night’s sleep and a less stressful life.

Numerous studies are being undertaken about the potential of this essential oil, which can be inhaled to combat pain following a caesarean. It is also used in intensive care wards to reduce anxiety and pain. This is because it can have sedative and anti-depressive effects and act as a muscle relaxant, and it has been demonstrated to have positive effects on sleep quality and also contribute a sense of well-being.

If you are looking for a restorative night’s sleep and a delicate yet marvellous herbal aroma, our liquid detergent will leave your clothes clean and ensure you have an unforgettable night’s sleep.