Baby laundry care: how to wash baby clothes?

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With the arrival of a baby, various responsibilities come into play, from feeding and bathing to diaper changes and laundry care. Baby skin is delicate and easily irritated, as their immune systems are not yet fully developed. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect them from external agents that could harm their sensitive skin.  For this reason, just as we carefully consider about the composition of the creams we apply to their skin and select fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton – which, due to its softness, provides their comfort – we should also be mindful of the detergent we use to launder baby clothes.

It’s important to remember that baby clothes come into prolonged contact with their skin, making it essential to select products free from aggressive or irritating ingredients, petrochemical, animal derivatives, or perfumes.

Can I wash baby clothes with the rest of the laundry?

While many people may wear clothes without washing them first, washing baby clothes before their first use is essential. This precaution ensure the removal of dirt and eliminate any traces of chemicals used during manufacturing, which could cause allergies and potentially irritate baby’s delicate skin.

Additionally, it’s recommended to wash baby clothes separately from the rest of the family’s laundry, particularly during the first 8 months of life. Always following the garment manufacturer’s washing instructions for optimal care. It’s important to note that, even if garments are rinsed well in the washing machine or hand-washed, there may still be residues left on the fabrics. Therefore, it’s essential to use laundry products that leave minimal residue and are gentle to the baby’s skin.

Should I use fabric softener for baby clothes?

It’s best to avoid using fabric softeners when laundering baby clothes. These products contain synthetic fragrances that load clothes with unnecessary chemicals and allergens. Additionally, since they’re added after rinsing, they may leave behind residue on the clothes, potentially causing allergic reactions or skin irritations on a baby’s delicate skin.

Although fabric softener is designed to provide softness and fragrance to garments, their components can have a negative impact on the environment, clothes fibers, and most importantly, human health. Therefore, opting for laundry products enriched with natural soap formulas can naturally soften and fluffy up baby clothes without the need for fabric softener.

lavar la ropa de bebe

What product should I use?

Choosing eco-friendly products made with 100% natural ingredients is a safe bet. By using this type of bio product, not only does this demonstrate we care and respect for the environment, but it also helps prevent and avoid the occurrence of allergies and contact dermatitis, which are very common in newborns. And, for babies who already  experience these issues, using a soap enriched with coconut oil can be particularly beneficial in controlling  and reducing them,  with noticeable results.

Biobel recommends using their Baby and Delicate Garments product, formulated with liquid coconut soap and aloe vera to provide gentle care and protection for the most sensitive skin. Free from perfumes or allergens, and thanks to its soap-enriched formula, it leaves clothes soft and fluffy without the need for fabric softener.