Can face masks be disinfected in a sustainable and effective manner?

desinfeccion mascarillas

Face masks have become an essential element in everyday life, and many of us have decided to opt for reusable masks, not only because of their ease of use and designs, but also as they are a more sustainable alternative both for our purse and planet.

While there are many advantages to using cloth face masks, we should not overlook the need to wash and disinfect them. It is important to take into account that this is one of the main forms of prevention we have against the virus and if we do not take this seriously, we could put ourselves at risk.

Healthy and environmentally friendly disinfection

When it comes to washing face masks, we must pay attention to the products we use. The most important thing is to ensure that it is a product that guarantees an adequate degree of disinfection and cleaning.

However, if we also achieve this in a sustainable manner, without using products containing synthetic ingredients, we can also avoid causing problems for our skin, such as spots or rashes. Essentially, the face mask is in direct contact with our skin, and in some cases for many hours at a time. Thus, choosing a product that cares for our skin is fundamental in order to avoid adverse reactions. Don’t forget that our face is one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of our body!

At Jabones Beltrán we are wholly conscious of this, which is why our Biobel Oxygen Whitener has become our favourite product for cleaning face masks. Thanks to its formula of sodium percarbonate, better known as washing soda, it naturally provides a more luminous whiteness. It contains no bleach, chlorine or optical whiteners. Furthermore, it is also a very effective stain remover for coloured or black face masks. It does not cause colours to fade, but swiftly softens the dirt and enhances the effect of your detergent. Therefore, it is ideal to get rid of all the little stains and make-up traces that are left on face masks over the course of the day.


Aside from caring for our skin and being respectful to the environment, Biobel Oxygen Whitener, also disinfects! Its impressive antiseptic, disinfectant and 100% natural bactericide action, guarantees effective disinfection that puts an end to the micro-organisms found in face masks. Undoubtedly, this is the perfect alternative to bleach!

Recommendations for washing face masks

When washing face masks, as with all clothes, it is important to establish habits that ensure we do our washing as sustainably as possible. If you are still unsure about the small changes you can make to reduce the environmental (and economic) impact of doing your laundry, and make your wash totally sustainable, have a look at this blog entry.

With regard to cloth face masks, if you are looking for effective disinfection do not miss out on the following recommendation:

  1. Accumulate face masks over the course of the week and wash them all together, which will allow you to considerably reduce the water used and the resources you consume.
  1. Disinfect them with Biobel Oxygen Whitener. Submerge the face masks in a washing bowl filled with hot water and add one or two tablespoons of Oxygen Whitener. Then leave them to soak for a few hours. Don’t forget to separate the face masks according to light and dark colours.
  1. If you have to do a wash, add the face masks, without rinsing them, in with the other clothes. To enhance the effect of the wash you can add a couple of tablespoons of Oxygen Whitener to the drum along with the detergent.
  1. If you prefer to wash your face masks by hand-wash them with a detergent for delicate garments. You can use Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics liquid detergent (for hand and machine washing), as well as our Biobel bar of Coconut Soap. These products not only care for our garments and our hands, but they also do not require a fabric softener.
  1. Dry the face masks in the sun. That way you will reduce your electricity consumption and your face masks will last much longer. They will look like new!

Following these simple steps, you will obtain incredible results that guarantee a sustainable form of disinfection. However, pay attention as to whether the face masks you are using have a specific number of uses. Don’t forget to check the number of times you can wash them before they lose their effectiveness.

Have you heard about the disinfectant properties of Biobel Oxygen Whitener?