Biobel Dishwasher Rinser 20L


Abrillantador para lavavajillas fabricado a base de alcohol vegetal desnaturalizado de forma natural y aceite esencial de limón que deja la vajilla seca y brillante.

Es adecuado para todos los lavavajillas domésticos y no deja residuos de productos químicos en la vajilla. Sin ingredientes petroquímicos, enzimas, transgénicos, fosfatos y sustancias que liberan cloro.

Actúa reduciendo la tensión superficial sobre la vajilla, facilitando el deslizamiento del agua, secándose la vajilla más rápidamente.

Elaborado exclusivamente con ingredientes de origen vegetal, sin componentes etoxilados ni de origen animal. El 100% de los ingredientes es de origen natural.

Detergente Natural certificado por ECOCERT Greenlife según el estándar de ECOCERT disponible en


For a healthy ecological wash cycle for your dishes and kitchen utensils, we recommend combining this product with Biobel Dishwasher Tablets and Dishwasher Salt.

If you have already tried this product and you like it, you can buy it in a 1L format, or refill your bottle in your usual eco-shop.


Sustainable packaging

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Biobel is the leading Spanish brand of Ecocert certified ecological soaps and detergents for laundry and home cleaning. High quality effective products that care for the environment and your health. Our formulas combine tradition and innovation thanks to their 100% natural and renewable plant sourced ingredients. The whole range is ideally suited for vegans and vegetarians, and is also recommended for people with allergies and sensitive or atopic skin conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 0,400 kg

Guidelines for use

Fill the appropriate compartment in your dishwasher, bearing in mind the manufacturer’s dosage instructions. In the event you detect limescale on plates or glasses, increase the quantity of Dishwasher Rinser used, and add Dishwasher Salt.

In hard water areas, it is recommended to Dishwasher Rinser even though all-in-one Dishwasher Tablets are used. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, always wash a full load, choose low temperature wash cycles and follow the dosage guidelines.

Important: temperature changes and exposure to light can cause changes to the appearance of natural products, but this does not hinder their effectiveness. Shake gently before use.


>30% agua, 15-30% alcohol vegetal, 5-15% ácido cítrico, <5% tensioactivo anfótero de origen vegetal.

100% de los ingredientes es de origen natural. 0% ingredientes etoxilados y de origen sintético o animal.


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Tipo envío Plazo estimado de entrega
Península De 2 a 3 días hábiles
Baleares De 3 a 5 días hábiles
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