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Discover Biobel’s sustainable efficiency. Vegan soaps and liquid detergents for laundry and home cleaning, all with Ecocert ecological certification. Innovative products combining our own natural and handcrafted soap with plant-based ingredients.

Ecological cleaning with Jabones Beltrán

At Jabones Beltrán we have spent over a century manufacturing soap. We specialise in the development and manufacture of ecological and certified products made using natural soap. We combine traditional processes with innovative plant-based ingredients: a perfect harmony between tradition and innovation, which results in a range of high quality, effective, sustainable and healthy products.


Biobel is much more than an ecological cleaning brand. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by our formulas, which are 100% environmentally compatible, rapidly biodegradable, and well above the required standards. Certified by external laboratories, our products excel at washing efficacy tests, and they are equal to, or far better than conventional products.


Plan-based ingredients

Products suitable for vegans


Sustainable formulas

Rapidly biodegradable


Traditional natural soap

Made with plant oils


Made in Spain

Ecofriendly and sustainable



Sustainable for sensitive skin

For babies and atopic and allergic skin conditions

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